Thursday, March 27, 2008


First 'nangka' fruits from my little garden in the village. Apparently quite huge and heavy and has broken a tree because of its weight. A villager brought some to my father in laws house when they came to town.
It is big, and still showing signs of being the 'first fruit', i.e. not fully developed and not all seeds developed.
However it was sticky and fun for my boy to play with while we cut the fruit up.
And it was sweet, very sweet actually.
Worth the while. Now if only the durians will fruit. We had the 'cempedak' and 'nangka' and the 'petai' will take some time... but still waiting for the durian.

News from the village was also interesting. Something was eating / killing our chickens. The villager waited and stayed up all night, and managed to shoot.. a wild cat. They also suspect a python, but have yet to get hold of that. So we lost a lot of chickens (over 60) and now have to start all over again. The ducks have been spared (dont know why, perhaps because they are in the swamp and the cat doesnt like to get wet...?) and have begun to lay eggs. So again, its a waiting game, to get enough chickens and ducks so that we can start selling them.

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