Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Money lender Sdn Bhd

Found this card stuck on my car window when we were walking back from Satok Sunday market.
I am just amazed at the blatant promotion by money lenders in Kuching and the minimal (if any at all) action by those in authority. Posters, banners, brochures, card.. placed on cars, post box, gate and grill of your house, everywhere.
This card was interesting. Why?
1. The company name.. Money lender Sdn Bhd. I would really like to know, who in the government body approving companies... approved this name?
2. Why the **** are we still approving such companies when we know they are under the management of 'ah longs?'
3. They have an offer.. 3%. I wonder is that by the minute.. lol.
My 10sen on this.. i guess the growth of ah longs (and crime) in Malaysia comes along with the growth of disproportionate income distribution, the increase in cost of living, and even perhaps with the 'kiasuness' and materialism of us Malaysians.. cant lose, must have. Was talking with friends in Terengganu on the increase in crime there, because the poor are poor and getting poorer while the cost of goods are getting more and more higher. Along come ah long, with the promise of easy money. .. and you have cases such as of the lady accountant who wanted to have a dream marriage ceremony.. and end up being hunted by ah longs for a debt she can never repay.
We cant do much on the cost of living, it will inevitably continue to rise.. so what can we do... help people to help themselves, to better themselves and improve their life, change the mindset and create self development. All this comes from educating people and opening their eyes to the possibilities around them. At the same time, we as a people should learn to give, instead of hoarding just for ourselves. In America, the rich give back to schools, the handicapped etc.. here .. I find it so difficult to get a towkay to part with a single sen.
But I continue to try.. and those in authority.. better do something about these ah longs, before the society suffers more.
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