Thursday, July 14, 2011

SPAM.. Haiz...

Got this in my email. What Idiots.

Attn:Ignore this message if your are not the owner of this email.Our Office
was contacted by ZUHAIRI BIN ALI.who claim to be your relative and we have
already processed your Package to be deliver to his address in Malaysia,all
documents has been forwarded to us since he inform us that you are involve in
a car accident month ago.he was now in the process of paying the delivery
fee,so we can get your package deliver to his home but We need to confirm this
is true that you are dead.Reply Asap

They need to confirm if I am dead... so if I am DEAD, how do I confirm this?

Haiz.. waste of my email space.. and I really do wonder who is idiotic enough to reply? 
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