Thursday, May 12, 2016


I think I am crazy coz if I was sane I would be doing all I could to live longer.

I know that I should lose weight. I should exercise. I should reduce / no salt or I die.

Havent done anything much recently.

Now feeling like my stomach is bloating again.

Was OK, maintaining 98 to 100kg then go up and up. Now 103kg. The maintaining part was depressing. No matter what I did nothing happened...and the Lactul pushed my sugar level sky high. Having diarrhea every little while, so stop taking Lactul..sugar still high.

Being depressed before that.
Dont know why but by afternoon I am sleepy and cant concentrate much.

I dont seem to have will power.
Need a person to push me, every day...wife tired and busy..

Haiz... need a pick me up.

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