Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hospital bed

A friend posted on FB with a picture of him on a hospital bed... and the first thing that came to my mind was that the beds are comfortable. Nice and firm. Bed sheet tight. So far the pillows were also nice. Wish they had a comforter (the long pillow that you hug) coz I like

When I was doing a endoscopy recently I even suggested to the doctor for a comforter to get my mind off the procedure coz I close my eyes and hug myself while the procedure was going on. I dont even want them to talk aloud of what they see...and the doctors are telling me see thia and that (there is a TV like screen where you can see your insides). Nope, not for me.

Been in hospital before..wonder if its because the bed is actually comfortable or because I was sick that the bed was comfortable.

My only grouse was the clothes to wear..very difficult to find my
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