Sunday, March 9, 2008


Had 3 of my Corporate MBA students come to see me, all the way from Sibu, yesterday. Appreciate their effort, time (6 hour travel) and cost to travel just to see me. They came to see me for the Research Proposal / Paper that they had to do. They did this in a good way, asking for an appointment and when I am free. It was clear that they had planned their studies and assignments and were quite well prepared.
Very different from undergraduates, who just pop up at anytime at my office (even when I am having lunch, mostly when I am having lunch) and demand for me to attend to them. Worse still when they walk into my room and cant articulate what is the very purpose that they are standing in front of me for. I can hear the tentative knocks on my door, and even after I shout 'Come in' (shout, mind you), the door still doesnt open. Many a times my RA or I will get up and open the door for them and you will see these shivering guys and gals (oh, didnt I tell you, they travel in packs) will quickly swarm in and look at each other for someone to have the courage to speak.
I know that I teach marketing and that the customer needs and wants must be determined and met, but I am also of the believe that the customer is not King, at all time. There are customers that cost more than the profit they bring in and therefore not worth the company's while (a few authors have written such).
Sometimes I wish I could be blunt like some of the Kiwi's I have met. "Excuse me, but I am busy, can you come around at 4" or "Do you have an appointment, please make an appointment." I wonder what my students will say and do if I do that? I wonder what my boss will say if I do that?
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