Friday, April 25, 2008

My Book 2

Refer to My Book posting.
I kinda feel p..... o.. with some of the comments I got from persons around me on my book, some were sarcastic and some were just hurtful.. such as:

As a professor, I should write a 400 page book instead of such a thin book, or
The book is so simple / basic / easy / anyone can write it, or
Some even have gone as far as telling their students not to purchase the book and various other comments.

Yet, I have professors from UK, NZ, and oher countries who praise its simplicity, recognizes the void it fills, and have ordered it for their students / libraries.

As a marketer, I wrote the book for a targeted group. Students in my 2nd year Research Methodology class, who have no idea how to run even the basic frequency analysis much less anything more complicated than that. The book was meant for a person with no knowledge in running analysis to pick it up, key in data and run whatever analysis required, with a simple understanding of what the findings indicate, and then present the findings in a proper manner.

I dont expect a best seller.
I dont expect to win a Nobel prize.
And I have a book, which I can add to my CV, and has helped my undergrads in their research.

So its not a pure academic book, I agree. But I am working on others too, which is much more than what my detractors have. I have a book on Sales Management at the printers in India, an edited book coming up soon, an edited chapter in a book (UK), and my PhD turned into a book that if Unimas takes too long to decide to publish, I have a publisher in Germany that is interested in it. I was a Guest Editor of a special edition journal, and am working on another.


Guess I am human after all. It hurts when people belittle you or your work. I am a firm believer of a saying, If you cant say anything good, dont say anything.

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