Sunday, April 20, 2008

PPDK Mambong Charity Dinner


Its finally done and over with. It was a big night for the Rehab Center. I was there by 6pm, and soon got involved in collecting tickets stumps from the people coming in. I must say that the committee was very clever in the many ways that they designed to get money, such as selling ribbons to be worn by people walking in, selling nuts and drinks, selling 'suara emas', and other ways.

I must thank Encik Detta for his willingness to attend on behalf of YB James who is recuperating at home, and for his willingness to sing for the 'suara emas' (We got RM800+). Also thank you to all the VIP guest and to all those that attended and made the event successful. Thank you also to the donors.

As usual, there was the speeches. Mine was the shortest. Some of the rehab center students provided some songs and a band took over while dinner was served. One thing that must be done next time, dont put the VIP table so near the stage.. by the end of the night, my ears were ringing. : )

We even had Sarawak's own Elvis Presley to entertain us. He was quite unique and came on twice after his costume changes. We also had a lot of lucky draws. There was even a 'poco-poco' dance by the nurses, which made the crowd very happy.

The food was good, couldnt eat much though. As the night ended, more and more people came on stage to sing. Couldnt go back early, as had to wait for the money that we received that night to be counted. The dinner ended at 12. It was a good night. Now I am just waiting to see how much we made, and how to get this done again...

Once again, thank you to all those who made this dinner a success and I hope for all your continued support.

Ernest. 1805:200408

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