Sunday, April 27, 2008


I just dont understand Kuching drivers.
The cars have such big signs / symbols / elements of their religion, be it Islam, Christian, or Buddha. Yet the rules of this world.... well, lets just say its not followed. (My wife observed, "Tanda je besar, undang-undang dunia pun tak ikut" or roughly translated "Such big signs, but dont even follow the laws of the world").
This morning in front of the hospital, a car with a huge Christian sign at the back window, parked right in the middle of the road, causing a jam. Dont know where the driver was. Or like last night, the driver with the huge Buddhist sign, but driving like the devil and nearly causing accidents. And to be fair, huge Jawi scripts and symbols hanging from the rear view mirror, yet breaking all the laws of man.
Dont they have any shame?

Ernest 1255:270408
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