Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road Block & Drivers

On the way back from the Hospital tonight, saw there was a police road block. The car in front of us, with a cross hanging from its rearview mirror, suddenly stopped and the drivers switched seats.
They didnt really had to do that, coz the police didnt do anything, just waved cars on. Wonder why there is a road block when nothing seems to be checked. Last night was better... it was raining and the police were sitting in the bus stop while cars just passed by.
I also 'pity' motorbike drivers, coz they seem to be the ones targeted... while persons like the pair tonight (most probably using mum/dad car), just skip through. I wonder how many car drivers even have licence... coz the way most were driving tonight... WOW.
We were going 70km on the BDC overhead and this young guy overtook everyone, seemingly whizzing pass and nearly skidding out... but do you realize...these kind of persons seldom get into an accident, they cause accidents but they themselves... if he had overshoot and gone off the overhead, I wont be too sad...

Ernest 2350, 260408
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