Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Bumpy Ride

This was the one section of the road to Pontianak (we took a shortcut, the main road where the buses use is all paved) that was bumpy... for 20kms (or so they said) and it was amazing to see people living in that environment. It was so dusty that the houses (not only the roof but literally the whole house) was yellow from the dust. Even the parabola was yellow. But it was fun.
The small houses that you see here are (or at least that was what we were told) houses provided by the government for people who were transported from other islands in Indonesia. They were given a house and 2 acres of land. These photos were taken before the dusty section. Couldnt get a nice shot with all the bumping around.

It must be a hard life, as some of the places were still swamps and yet, the ubiquitous parabola was there. As my host explained, everyone needs entertainment and what else can you do in the middle of the jungle. There is no elecricity but there are generators!

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