Thursday, May 8, 2008

Extra Marks

I am shocked. Well .. not really. But this time, my students really went overboard.
The girls that cried and cried coz I wont give them extra marks (the very word annoys me, why must I give them extra marks when they dont deserve it), walked in en-mass into my office and said that if I dont give them the extra marks, they will see the Dean and demand for extra marks. I told them to get out of my office. Then I told the Dean, who laughed it off and said that marks are my perogrative.
This subsidy mentality is really p . . . . . g me off.
Why must someone be given something extra when they dont deserve it? And all this drama after I allowed them to see their answer script and compare it to the marking schema. After I explained to them why they dont deserve any extra marks. After explaining that even through all that, I still gave them 2 extra marks. Yet they still failed.
I think I am the only lecturer that allows the students so much leeway. And it hurts, people questioning my integrity ...
Here, we are only to display the grade, and if they are unhappy they can pay RM30 to the University for a third party to recheck the answer script and give them their marks. I told them so, but they dont want to. I wonder why... coz they know they wont get any extra marks!

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