Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malaysian Manners... where?

I just dont understand Kuching drivers.
Why are we so inconsiderate when on the road, and yet can be such good persons off the road?
Went for dinner. Saw so many incidents that just p..... me, such as:
1. Red traffic light, 4 cars just drove by, and horn me for stopping.. without any considerations for the others on the other side, having to slow down for these i...ts.
2. Car reversing, no one stopped for him, the motorbikes just continued and even went as near as they could to the car to force the car from coming out
3. A small lorry parked in the middle of the road, causing a car great difficulty to get out. And when he does, this driver came out when a camera, young man, guess he was taking photos when the driver of the small lorry came out, old Chinese man, and started cursing the young man. I was sure there would be a fight, but the young man walked away.
4. Cars double parked, causing jam, yet sit nonchantly at the wheel.
and so on.... and thats just tonight.
Where is the so called Malaysian manners?

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