Monday, May 12, 2008


Wanted to go back, tired and no mood... but its raining and I still have to finish one more administrative work.
I guess whats bugging me is that I will have to do my PTK 6 exam from 23 Jun to 4 July. Just got the email. My wife is due to give birth then. Part of me hopes that baby will be born earlier. How selfish am I?
Missed last year PTK, coz I was in New Zealand for a conference... and took the whole family for a 6 week holiday.
And without this PTK 6, cant apply for promotion and/or pay increase. So must attend... or just forget it... Wife not happy! Not that I am ... but if I dont, we have to wait another year..? Dont think I want to.... but do I have the choice?
But as usual, circumstance play an important role...
Knowing me, if my wife gives birth at that time, well... forget PTK 6 exams... my wife is more important. I can always leave this University as from 13/2/09 when I finish my bond!

Plus spent the whole day examining the worst PhD thesis ever when I wanted to finish my book chapter.

All in all, its a normal Monday!

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