Saturday, May 10, 2008

PPDK Mambong AGM

Had the Rehabilitation Center Annual General Meeting today.
To tell the truth, I wouldnt have mind if I was no more the Chairperson. Not because I dont want to serve and help the community, more because of the pressure of my health (18 June is my next visit to the eye specialist) and the ever increasing workload at office.
Quite a lot of people attended, mostly parents and the Ketua Kampung (Village Headmen).
Was elected Chairperson. Here's the new committee.

We had a discussion after the AGM, and decided to work on a 2 prong approach; disseminating information on Special Children to the villages in our area and to build up the training / development of the children/adults with disabilities at our center. So we need money, and right there and there, Mr. Frankie donated RM5k.

If only we had more people who are concerned of the needs of the Special Children among our midst. Being a parent of one, I know the trials and tribulations faced. And I know that the Hospital has recorded 82 children in this area with disabilities (Downs and Cerebral Palsy mostly). But everything cost money. Even our place is temporary...!

Our 3 main concern for this term is to get our own place, some form of transportation, and finding more children.

Please help if you can. We are short of staff, so volunteers (its only half a day) are greatly appreciated. Money is always welcomed. We are looking into the possibility of getting tax exemption for donors. A lot to do and hopefully things will work out. Its only 2 years... so there is a lot more potential to be achieved.

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