Thursday, May 29, 2008

Register for Birth Cert

Didn't know that there was a requirement for so many documents just to register the birth of my daughter. The hospital was very good in getting all the documents ready for us and all I had to do was to photocopy them and bring it to the Registration Department.
Its been a long time that I have been there. Had a few friends working there before and in the next building, but no one was around, coming to Gawai (Harvest) festival holiday. The place was nicely done, spacious and there wasn't many people.
The person who served me was friendly and nice, chatted a bit on my ancestry and why I didn't have a "K" on my Identity Card. I was born in West Malaysia.. long story, next time.
A few taps on the computer, and presto a print out was ready. He asked me to check, everything was OK and said to wait for a moment.
And at the next section, within minutes the birth certificate was ready. Bought a cover for it (RM3) and that was it. If only all other of my dealings with the government offices were this pleasant.
I even had time to spare and since my Identity Card (IC)was a bit 'roughed up,' I decided to get a new copy. Also quite fast, but couldn't get the new IC because their IC making machine was spoilt. That was not good. Wondered if they had only one machine... or was it a few and that all were spoilt? Have to come back in a months time. For me its OK, what if it was a poor guy from the boondocks who now have to save and get time to come to town again, just to get his/her IC. Another day gone without income. The department should have a better plan in the future for maintenance of its vital machines.
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