Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sarah Alvina de Run

Its a girl, Sarah Alvina de Run, was born today 270508 at 1532, at the Kuchig Specialist Hospital, by Cesarean. She was 1.8kg. Both mother and daughter are well.
We went in for a check up in the morning, but all the indicators (BP, Protein, Uric Acid) was not good and the doctor advised to do a Cesarean. So did it. When I wanted to go in, the shirt was too small. So Doren went in first, and then the sister came with a gown for me and I sat in with her. Saw the whole thing, the doctor cutting in and finally my girl being pulled out and the cord cut.She was then given to the pediatrician who looked at her and said she looks normal and they will do test later. She cried and gulped down air, and was energetic. They then took her to a separate room and we could only look at her through a glass window. Doren was then wheeled into her room. My mother came and sat with her. We then left to take the placenta to be buried according to the Iban practice. Must be buried with some salt and iron (nail) in earth. Her mother did this. Then went back to the hospital to see the Doren and Sarah. Now back home for a shower and off to hospital. Will bring more news later.

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