Sunday, May 4, 2008


Some may think this is racist, but I want to make it clear that its not. Its just my observation, my past experiences, of going to so many different foodstalls, restaurants etc. Maybe because I am not Chinese, Indian, or Malay? Partially also because of the incident at lunch today.

This is my past experience (A generalization of course). If you had different, please do share.
If I go to a Chinese restaurant, food service is fast, efficient, yet mostly somewhat lacking in geniality and camradrie.
If I go to a Indian Muslim (Mamak) restaurant, food service is generally fast, quite efficient, and very genial and friendly, with constant request for me to order more and how's the food.
If I go to a Malay restaurant, I wait (even the good ones). The orders are mixed up. The service bad. The staff are not at all friendly.

And I go to many restaurants, stalls etc! Drinks with Boss or HoD, lunches here and there, with anyone and everyone. Thats why many a times I just prefer to go out alone to a Chinese stall near the University for lunch. Service is fast, efficient and friendly.

This could be a research question... hmmm... should get a Master student to look into this, maybe from a management viewpoint and compare against ethnic groups.. ha ha ha. Its always work, work, work...

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