Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Students after Exam

I dont understand my students. During class, they come late, dont pay attention, dont ask questions, only some will do the work while most just play around (the ones that do the work do complain about group members that dont do their share of work) and etc etc etc.
Yet after the exam grades are posted, wow... these students become so annoyed that they have failed or got a C- (have to repeat the paper).
I had a student who walked in and demanded to see his paper as I may have wrongly marked his paper. The audacity!
And then there are the tears. And please please please add 1 more mark. This time no one said "I will do anything for that extra mark."Coz last time there was and I was dumbfounded. Now when I have a retort ready, no one said anything.... Wanted to say, "Then go and study!"
"Why dont you just go and study before you fail the exam?"

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