Friday, May 16, 2008

Teachers Day

Oh ya... its Teachers Day here...


Hari Guru
May 16
This date was chosen because in the same month in 1956, the Federal Legislative Council of the Malay States had received several suggestions (documents) from the Education Committee regarding Teachers' Day as the base of education in Malaysia. The document, known as the Razak Report, has become the foundation of education in Malaysia ever since. Although it is not an official school holiday, celebrations are usually held on May 16, or earlier, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

I remember Teachers Day when I was in school.. there was activities, flowers and gifts for the teachers. Even now, my wife buys gifts for the kindergarten teachers (Walters place).
But I find it funny that lecturers are not celebrated as teachers. Even though we give lectures for hours on end, do marking, do counselling, do co-curriculum activities, and all the things associated with teacher plus more (Research, Publication, Consultancy, Administration, Social Work etc).
I am even more astounded when some lecturers dont like to be called 'cikgu.' Cikgu (Teacher) is a honorific that I am proud of, much more when it comes from the old men in the villages, or even from my young students.
This may have occured because there is two different Ministries, and the Razak report was written when there was only one ministry... so at that time teachers day was for all teachers... God only knows.
But back to the topic... arent lecturers teachers?

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