Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to Pontianak, Indonesia

Went to Pontianak Indonesia to give a talk on How to Publish, and to promote our MSc and PhD. At the same time, it was an opportunity to look into the possibility of further collaboration with counterparts there. Our host, Universitas Tanjung Pura (UNTAN) picked us up at the border and we travelled to Pontianak in two cars. Took a shortcut through an unfinished road... like on safari.

At the Tebedu Entikong border, with Jee (my MSc student) and AP Dr Ahmad Shuib, the faculty's Head of Department (Economics). Havent been to Tebedu for a long time, and all the shops that was used to be at the border is no longer there. Guess Serikin is more popular.. ???
In my hotel room, with a million rupiah... yaa... millionaire... : ). Guess this will be the only occasion that I would have a million...

The food was glorious. We were fed... very well. Had my fill of prawns.

In front of the hall with AP Dr Ahmad. Quite a number of lecturers and MBA students turned up and was quite happy with the response.

A pic of me while giving my talk. I think it was well received.. and here I am talking with the Dean of the Economics Faculty about my book.

The last night, after dinner, as it so happens, there was this singer singing away.. and the Karaoke sessions started. Very happy that Jee was around, I voluntered him to sing on my behalf... ha ha ha. Anyway, he is good. Me, people run away when they hear me sing... ha ha ha.

We did manage to go sightseeing, at the Equator line. Here I am at the Southern Hemisphere..

and here I am on the Northern Hemisphere.

We left for Kuching a day earlier as there was flights available and UNTAN paid for it. : )

Thank you UNTAN.


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