Sunday, June 8, 2008


Even though this is our second child, all the experiences are the first time.
Walter was warded from birth, for a few months. And then the first few years was basically hospital home hospital. So we never experienced all the things a new baby brings, such as:
1. Visitors - we had a few friends, family, and colleagues drop by our house, to see Vina and us.
2. SMS - we had a lot of SMS wishing us congratulations
3. Gifts - Was surprised that a number of gifts and cash that Vina got.
4. In laws - My in laws, sister in law and family stayed with us for a while, and now my sister in law n family is here to look after the cooking of 'pantang' food for my wife. Such wonderful food as ginger soup, ginger with anchovies, and various others.
5. Adat (Customs) - learning new things, such as - black cloth over Vina's head or a kacip (a tool to cut betel nut) under her bed.
6. Constant feeding - every 3 to 4 hours. I am partly thankful that my wife is breastfeeding (lazy guy eh!) so she gets up and breast feed, and only occasionally give Vina the premature formula. Walter was fed by the nurses.

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