Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eye Test

I couldn't really sleep last night.
Did my eye test today. Went with my wife, and had breakfast together. The eye clinic was packed full with people and it took some time for my name to be called. Did the normal test, you know the one where you close one eye and then call out the numbers. Then waited for the next test, the visual field test. Sat in front of a machine and when a light blinked, I was to click on a mouse. Right eye not so good. Then waited some more. Saw another doctor who looked into my eye to test the pressure, all normal. The nerve damage still remained the same. Then was passed to the boss doctor, who explained nicely things to me and said that he would not want to start medication as everything remained the same as the initial test. Now to see him again in December.
Only then was I relieved. I don't know how to tell you, but I was feeling cold, fearful, and just tired. I am still a 'suspect glaucoma' patient, but at least my visual field and eyes are still the same and hopefully will maintain the same for some time more. A long time more.

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