Monday, June 9, 2008

Friends from Singapore

Well, they are from Singapore, Borhan and Heryati, but we got to know them while we were in New Zealand. The last time we met was around 4+ years ago, when Walter was a baby and we flew to Singapore. Their kids are now young kids...Indah & Yaya.. how time flies. They came to our house brought by another Kiwi met friend and colleague, Hong and wife (Ting).
My wife enjoyed herself, and planning next shopping trip. I am not too sure of that, especially with the two kids. Maybe she can go with Heryati... ha ha ha. We then had a simple lunch with them at 7th Mile, Islamic Cafe, Chapati and Meat curry..
I remember Heryati teaching my wife how to make 'roti canai' in Dunedin. How cold it was there. With Margaret making the curry. Nice. They came here for Hairol's wedding, which we didn't even know of. Hairol is like that, even when in New Zealand. Oh well, at least we got to meet again.

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