Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nonsensical statements

Irritated at the various nonsensical statements being said now (in relation to the petrol price increase);
1. We must change our lifestyle - What lifestyle? I take the car to go to work and then back. Sundays to church. Sometimes to see my mother and my mother in law. What else do I have to cut off, to change? Maybe the party animals in Kuala Lumpur who go out every night and party can slow down but a father of two doesnt go out every night!
2. Try to eat less rice/noodles and more roots (ubi kayu, keledek, etc) - God, didn't know we are going back to the Japanese occupation times. And its not cheap here.
3. Use public transportation - in Kuala Lumpur .. maybe. In Kuching... what public transportation? If I want to go to Unimas, it will take me hours... I am looking at the possibility of getting a 'van for hire' to go to work, but need to find out how much that will cost. That however will limit my movement when in Unimas, so something to be thought of. The motorbike still seems to be the best alternative, except that it rains here, so very often.
4. Use NGV as substitute for petrol - again in Kuala Lumpur .. maybe. In Kuching... what NGV?
5. The fuel price increase will not affect other product prices - what? Guess the guy/gal who stated that failed his/her Economics class. My sister in law went to buy a fan for her house yesterday and the price had gone up, and the towkay said its because the price of petrol. My normal kolok mee is up 50 sen. And now with sugar price up by 20 sen, other prices will also go up.
6. Be thrifty - God help me - I have my monthly budget, to the very last sen. How much more thrifty can I be, with an income that is fixed, being taxed like crazy (well, at least not as bad as UK) while the businessmen run away from tax (I am sure all Malaysians know the story of the 3/4/5 tax books being prepared) .. no extra money to spend, if we want anything we save till it hurts in order to be able to buy the things we want... be thrifty my foot!
7. Plant vegetables in your spare land - what spare land? You mean the roadside... what if the council comes and give you a summons, can I give it to this person who gave this advice? And when do I plant the vegetables.. I leave to work around 6+ and am back home around 6+, so guess I have to plant the vegetables at night.. ya right. And wouldnt it be cheaper to buy the vege instead of the earth, manure, pots, time...?
8. Just got a SMS from a student that people are stocking up on cooking oil as the rumor is that will also increase in price. I am just too lazy to go out and buy cooking oil. We can always boil / bake our root vegetables (ubi kayu / keledek) and imagine going back to the Japanese occupation times.

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