Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Petrol Price

My sister sent me a SMS that her husband thinks that the petrol price will be increased tomorrow. The papers are all talking of tomorrow's Cabinet meeting on the various subsidy's, Shahrirs comments, and Pak Lah's comments.

Its a forlorn conclusion that petrol prices will increase.

Malaysia has the lowest petrol price in this area, I think. Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore has higher petrol prices. Its more of an issue as to how are we (well, me and my family) going to survive. Once petrol prices are increased, every other product and service price will also increase. And with the Health Minister suggesting that chronic sufferers (Diabetes, Blood Pressure) be referred to private doctors (Straits Times Newspaper), I will continue to suffer as this will incur more cost for me. Yet I am very sure that my salary will not be increased. Inflation my dears, inflation. That's what the worry is about. Yup, we will suffer.
I guess businessmen will be OK, as they will increase prices and still survive. The working class, people like me, will suffer as my real take home income will become smaller and smaller. I made a joke to my sister, that I will buy a "kap cai" (70cc motorcycle) to go to work and may even end up using a bicycle. Well, at least that will be good for my health.
Oh well, it look more and more certain that I must go overseas to find a better paying job to provide for my family. Not too keen on it, not keen at all actually, but will have to start to explore this matter. A few offers in the Middle East, that I couldn't take last time, but my bond expires on 13/2/09, so have to start considering and going back to the offers, which I doubt will still be around. Oh well, the perils of modern day living...

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