Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Computer SPSS AMOS Headache

Yesterday was the second time the computer gave up its ghost. The first time was last week. The technician said it was time to change it and they did, after a while. Then had to get them to install the programs to print, email, SPSS, and AMOS (statistic programs that I extensively use). Then found out that AMOS was a stand alone and that I bought it last time, not through Unimas but through research grant. Now had to ask AMOS for the key to be able to use. That was a long story and they wanted proof... wish I had taken photos. At last, a letter, but must be on Unimas letterhead. Its not that easy, as letterhead is held by Boss, and why should I be using a letterhead for personal matter. Then they (AMOS) gave me a call, and explained. Managed to get Boss to approve the use of the letterhead. Faxed.

Then the new computer died!

And now I am typing this from the front office/reception desk at lunch time. And I expect the same 'round the bush' treatment again in order to get a computer that works with all the necessary programs for me to do my work.

Wonder when will that happen?

And how do I explain to AMOS that the 2nd computer also died. Wonder will they believe me, especially after they send (I assume they are sending) the new licence key.


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