Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The past one month... been slack on all aspects of my health... and I am now the same weight as I was in January... wasted few months of effort on 1 month of lack of proper exercise and food control.
Just feel so tired, lazy and bored with the effort..., and its so difficult to eat healthy when you eat outside - a lot of temptations and not much healthy things on offer, plus there is a lot of things that I have to give up... and my wife keeps on making glorious food... nah.. not blaming her, she is a wonderful cook... no matter what... its I that lack the discipline...like the wonderful chocolate cake today and the sultana cake yesterday... but then, I am always reminded that I want to live... not die so soon... ha ha ha!
The doctors were rather brutal in their assessment - do I want to see my son and now daughter grow up?
So guess the family is settled now... Alvina is home, and well, no traipsing to the doctors so very often... Walter is as good as he can be, and Doren has settled in with the two kids at home, so guess the diet starts again and so does the walks...
Why then don't I get excited that I am off to exercise and diet, again? Not looking forward to the oatmeal breakfast tomorrow... or even the walk in the morning...
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