Friday, August 15, 2008

Bosses Karaoke

This is how the bosses unwind. It was the end of the 2nd day of convocation. Everyone was casual, and laughing away. My boss started the show, and this time not that bad... there is some improvement. We joked that it did start to rain when he sang... it really did. Then Tan Sri, Kopli, and others also joined the karaoke session. The drizzle stopped when they sang. I had to leave as I had a dinner to attend and I don't karaoke, though I must say I am tempted to just lose inhibition and belt out a song, worthy of a torrential downpour... ha ha ha. : )
The bosses just arrived and relaxing
Choosing songs from CD
The bosses
Shaz singing his heart out
The bosses enjoying Shaz's singing
The Karaoke session at the entrance to the Faculty
Tan Sri
Tan Sri & Fadhil


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