Monday, August 25, 2008

Credit Cards

I am actually p....d o.f with the credit cards service in Malaysia. But I have no choice, as I need to have a credit card especially when I travel. I have RHB and AmBank. Both useless in terms of service. But I need them.
What irritates me is that the bills come late, sometimes they dont come at all. Like last month. By the time I realized it, and went to pay, the bank teller told me "Sure got fine one." Ya right. RM10 for each card. Easy money for the banks when they f....d up. But what p....s me is the amount of effort that the bank puts in, to remind me that I have not paid. But hey, I did! Cant they check that first. Reminder letter, and now a telegram asking me to call them. I called, no one answered. Don't they have my handphone number? I put it in the form when applying for the card. And if they had any sense, they could check that I have paid and not hound me!
What is irritating to me is that I have always paid my bill, on time, as soon as I received the statement. I must admit I am not the kind of person that is well organized, too many things to do at one go. So bill arrives I pay. Bill dont arrive....I pay as soon as I realize. My question, why cant the bill arrive on time? If the billing unit works as well as the collection unit, then we will not have any problems.

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