Thursday, August 7, 2008

6th Malaysian Studies Conference

A lot has happened this past few days.
The most painful is being sick, mainly dizzy and headache. Checked blood, sugar etc all OK. Tired too. Perhaps overworked.
Still managed to pull myself out of bed, with a few pills from the doctor to stop dizziness, and went to present my paper. Can still stand up and present,and I think it went well, except while waiting for the question and answer started feeling faint. My Masters student asked me if I was allright and that I looked pale. What, me pale? Thot I was white anyway... ha ha ha. Anyway the session was OK and then went back (my wife drove me to the hotel and back) and slept! Well, thats life. Enjoyed talking to the few people there. Found myself giving comments and advise, more than just getting advise. Things are changing. I find that I have less and less time for my own things and more and more time spent in advising students, lecturers on research and other matters. Reviewing other peope books, thesis, journal papers and less time doing my own. Just managed to get 1 book out this year and hoping for another two.

Need to rest. Eyes tired.


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