Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Festival

Another perk of living in a multi-ethnic society is that there are a lot of different festivals. Most of it have its own food associated with each festival. Yummy! Autumn festival... hey... didn't know Malaysia experienced autumn... Nah, its just a Chinese festival that is celebrated there in the autumn but we just have moon cakes. Moon cakes? I know of moon rocks...? But these moon cakes are delicious, sweet, wonderful... all the things that I cant eat!!!!! Still, I eat. And I wonder why I am fat and diabetic eh? Ha Ha Ha. : )
A friend gave us this moon cake from Starbucks. Thank You. It was greatly appreciated and eaten by all.
But isn't that interesting (no, not the fact that I ate it.. sorry doctor), but that Starbucks have moon cakes! And with instructions on which coffee fits the different types of moon cakes. I could write a whole lecture on adaptation here, but I wont. Just think of it....

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