Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ikan Bakar

Had a nice 3 day weekend during Merdeka (Independence Day). Didnt do anything, academic that is. Didnt even open my laptop or read the numerous papers pilling on my desk. Just spent time with my family at my in laws house. With the exeption of a few phone calls from Ireland on how to do Structural Equation Modelling... ha ha ha. Initially didnt like it, as the burden of work.. but now, am thankful to my wife. My sister in law and family also gathered at my in-laws. We (father in law and me) worked on the fish tanks (thats another blog), cleaning up, and chit chatting. In the evening, my father in law set up a wood fire and we had fish for dinner. Walter enjoyed himself those few day, playing with his cousin and running around in the house with both grandparents loving him every minute.The fish turned out quite OK, smoky and firm. Some rice, dipping sauce (soy sauce, chillies, crushed garlic) and it was good.Hope you also had a good weekend.


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