Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inconsiderate Drivers

I just don't understand why these drivers and many other Malaysians just cant follow the rules. Perhaps they don't know the law, but that's never an excuse. This is my usual route to office, and this morning traffic was rather heavy and there was a traffic jam. Drivers couldn't wait, and started pulling out onto the wrong side of the lane, hindering cars from the other side and causing a longer jam as they tried to push themselves in, back to the original lane.

Then we arrive at a small roundabout. Guess what, drivers rushed to the wrong side of the roundabout to try to enter into the correct turn off before other cars. I was wondering why was there a traffic jam, perhaps an accident or some roadworks. None of that. It was just these inconsiderate drivers pushing their way through, stopping traffic on both sides of the road.

And I wonder why. If they are late for work, well, isn't it better to be late for work rather than dead or in the hospital recovering from an accident? The other thing I noticed was that the drivers that were doing this were young and driving extremely expensive cars.

I am annoyed.


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