Monday, September 22, 2008

KFC... noooo McDonald

Went to McDonald to buy the Spicy Chicken burger for my wife, with two Apple Pie's, and to get Walter out of her hair. Walter, as usual calls every fast food restaurant KFC. Trying to tell him its McDonalds. And he has become quite good, will stand in line with me, patiently. He didn't want to go near the Ronald McDonald statue initially, and after some prodding went and touched the statue. He was a good boy, behaved himself, and while we waited for our order, sat down nicely and munched on his french fries. If only he was like this every time... ha ha ha. He has learnt to cry at a drop the hat, when he doesn't get his way, from his cousin. Now we are trying to undo that, that even when he cries, he doesn't get what he wants.... well, most of the time.

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