Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mother in Law's Birthday

We had a small 'makan' (feed, dinner) for my mother in law last Sunday, as she turned 50. Bought a small cake and the sisters cooked some of her favorite food. Doren and I had flu and sore throat and just slept in (still sick and now even Vina has a rather nasty cough... poor Doren is not sleeping) and only did some minor cooking in the afternoon. This time her sister helped to cook and buy the cake etc.
The food and cake was placed on a table in the middle of the house. Walter was impatient and excited, sitting at the table. I think he knew there was something going on. He is usually not so keen to eat, but he gets excited for birthdays.
As you can see, the grandchildren were more into it rather than the grandma. They were all wanting to blow the candles out and were so excited that there was cake. Walter even ate cake first before eating his dinner.
Happy Birthday Mak. May there be many more.

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