Friday, September 5, 2008

My 3rd Book

Just found out that my 3rd book is out, and copies has been mailed to me. Yahoo... Been working on this book for a number of years...and at last its out... and I still dont know how it looks like... I am happy.


R. K. Srivastava, Ernest Cyril de Run, Kim Shyan Fam (2008). Sales Management. India: Excel Books

The survival and success of many products and companies depend upon the marketing strategies adopted by them. In the rapidly changing scenario of markets, when even propaganda and advertisements are unable to do the magic, it is the dedicated marketing professionals who compel the customer to purchase their goods and services. In today's business strategies, production of goods and services are not the end and means of everything. Neither financial or personnel management, nor inventory or time management are important today. It is "Sales Management" which has the last laugh over every other aspect of the business. Many a time it has been seen that a better quality product or service has given place to an inferior quality product or service only due to superb marketing management.This book is a path-breaking effort and opens up a new dimension in the field of sales management, which is suitable to the present day needs and requirements. It takes into consideration the different academic aspects of Marketing and Sales Management for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This book would be of great help to managerial practitioners at any organisational level who are responsible for a function, department or a set of responsibilities.

Format: Paperback 222 pages
Date of publication: 31/05/2008
Publisher: Excel Books
ISBN: 9788174466525
Price: British Pound 9.99
Available at:
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