Thursday, October 30, 2008

Building the Kampung House

We went to Serian to buy all the materials to build our house in kampung (village). Took leave from work. So went early in the morning to meet Bapak Julius. As usual, must have a drink and chat, met a policeman friend of Bapak Julius and had a cup of tea.
Then walked over to the store to discuss what was needed, from stones, sand, cement, bricks, the ceiling and all the accompaniments. These included wheelbarrows, doors, windows, and nails of various sorts. Each item came with a short discussion of its merits, price and counter claims by both parties. Plus the usual discussion on the reduction of each items price. Haggling was also done on the mode of delivery, time, day and everything under the sun. The bill came and was checked and paid by Doren (we had been saving for quite some time in her Amanah Saham Nasional account).
I don't know, but to me this was so much of a hassle. But this was the norm, to haggle and talk over things. Everything was so laid back. I was just happy that all the talking and bargaining was done by Bapak Julius and my father in law. If it was me, I would have lost it. But this seems to be the norm here, to haggle and get a slightly lower price. But then the prices in Serian is higher than that in Kuching (oh well, as the guy said, they had to bring it here plus send it to our village later).
When all was said and done, it was quite a good deal. We then had lunch, toured the market (another blog later) and then went home. Now to follow up on the building of the house.
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