Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coffee Bean

My wife doesn't like coffee but somehow or rather, when on one of my trips some time ago... on the way back, I stopped by Coffee Bean at the Kuching International Airport and bought a Mocha Latte for her. From then on, whenever I travelled, and on the way back, I will always try my best to get her a large Mocha Latte ... or face her wrath!!! HA HA HA. No...lah, my wife is an angel ... aren't you darling???
Doren hiding her face in shame!
Nevertheless, on our forays, we found out there was a Coffee Bean at Green Heights Mall. My wife said she just wanted a Mocha Latte, small one... (we were rather tight... financially). It was empty, quiet night, and we were the only customers. The guy was very friendly to us, and we chatted and from one mocha latte (now a large one), Doren wanted a cake. Then the biscuits looked nice and I also wanted one. Doren ordered two. While waiting for the coffee, we looked at the menu, and Doren wanted the smoked salmon sandwich. They even had a type of bread that we couldn't find. The guy was helpful in telling us how to get one. Thank God the coffee was done, and we had to go, otherwise we could have bought the whole shop! We were laughing, so much on our plans for our finances... well, you can always find money... and hopefully this piece will win the contest in Kuching Bloggers . Saw it while browsing Kuching Bloggers and of all things, Coffee Bean was one of the outlets promoted by True Card. So out came the hand phone for that pic (Thank God I took that photo) and here is the write-up. Wanted to write it anyway, contest or not... but some cash will certainly go a long way to buy more mocha lattes, cakes, biscuits and smoked salmon sandwiches... HA HA HA.. is that a loud enough hint guys..
: )
Everyone else... have a go at the contest...all I want is a mocha latte please.
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