Thursday, October 16, 2008

End of Bond

I have 120 days more to the end of my bond.
My wife wants me to apply to go to New Zealand or elsewhere (and I have), coz
1. Unsure if I will ever get Professor here in the near future
2. Life for Walter
3. The promise of higher income
I am unsure. At the very least here our medical is taken care of. There is family here. If I leave, I will lose my PhD and MSc students. We have worked hard together.
Yet I would love to be a full Professor. At the moment here, its a bit unclear as to the possibility.
Have to take care of my family too (their future is all in my hands) and I feel that time is ebbing away, so very fast, for me (worried of my eyesight, especially after seeing my boss have a detached retina operation). And a wrong decision may mean calamity for the family in the future.

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