Monday, October 6, 2008

Line Up Please

Went to McDonald's at the airport on Sunday afternoon with the missus.
As we were about to leave, decided to buy a sundae for my boy. Missus lined up. As she was to be served, a lady walked up to the side and ordered a ice cream. My wife said, ooi... but was ignored. What was interesting for me was that the McDonald's employee served the lady first instead of my wife, and said nothing to the queue jumper.
The same scenario can be seen in other situations, like the traffic light, or queuing to pay for anything. The sad thing is nobody dares to tell these persons to please get to the back of the queue. I have heard various excuses, such as I am just working here, why bother, frighten that this guy may be a wacko, and others. So these people get away by being impolite, inconsiderate and rude. The worst thing is they teach their children to do the same.

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