Friday, October 24, 2008

Reception by Otago University & Our Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Went to a reception by Otago University for its alumni and friends last night. It was held at Crowne Plaza. Was hoping to meet some friends we had made when we were there in Dunedin, but they didn't turn up. : (
Met Mahathir Sulaiman (a friend from Module 0 in Unimas) and his wife, which I think made my wife happy because she had someone to talk to. It was a good time talking to people who were in Otago in the 60's as well as fresh young faces too.
We then made our way down to the hotel cafe and enjoyed a quiet 7th Wedding Anniversary dinner together, alone for a while. Our real wedding anniversary is on the 27/10; but since we were out and all dressed up, we decided to have a nice dinner. Plus the maid and my sister in law was at our place looking after the kids. : )
The dinner was so so, hotel price, yet nothing great but at least we had some quiet time together to talk and reflect.Went home and Walter immediately woke up and started shouting mummy, mummy, which then woke up the baby and the whole pandemonium started again... ha ha ha.

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