Saturday, October 11, 2008


My wife wanted very much to go for a massage, so she found out from a friend where there was one, and pulled me to go with her. This was a massage center run by the blind and we didn't even know it was around... and it has been operating for the past five years. The place was on the 1st floor at 3rd Mile and was dimly lit. First impression was not that good, but then...
We waited for a blind lady to come to massage my wife. ..and Doren said I should also get a massage. So I did, you know.. why should I sit down and wait... They had a room for two and it was dark, except for a dim light bulb. I lay down on a bed, stripped to my underwear and this small blind man proceeded to massage me. It was painful yet good at the same time. I felt light and nice till the next day. Now my wife wants us to go again, at least once a month. Maybe...

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