Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its Saturday but ....

The office is full with lecturers, big boss included... and can you guess what are we doing...

Yup... marking exam papers.

Why on a weekend... because this 2 days are the only 2 days that we can sit down and mark wholeheartedly without:
1. being pestered by students (who want their marks immediately or asking for better grades),
2. attending meetings, courses, briefings, visitors, and the like (its always arranged to be done now, as if lecturers are free during exam weeks and University holidays - we have to finish marking each subject within 7 days of the exam!),
3. attending to normal administrative duties,
4. preparing papers for journals and conferences,
5. preparing for next semester's courses that we are to teach (a big headache especially if its a new course).

: )

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