Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its so Surreal

Its so surreal.
Yesterday, I got a sms message from a friend;
Friend, I need your help to pray for the daughter of my friend who was kidnapped at his house today at around 12 noon. The kidnapper demand for RM100k. Please support us in your prayer.
I thought this was a bad joke, and called my friend, and just couldn't get him. So I sms him and didn't get any message back.
That night there was a prayer meeting and everyone there knew of this sms and was talking of the incident. More facts were added to the scant knowledge that I had.
But I don't know how to explain to you. I just couldn't belief it. That someone could snatch a child from middle class home and expect such a huge sum to be ready within a few hours.
Was sleeping at around 1135 pm, when the phone rang and my friend calls and tells me that a suspect had been caught and the girl has been sent home. Another suspect is still at large.
Its 6.34 am now, and I still cant believe it. Its as if someone is playing a prank on me, telling such a bad story. Part of me still hopes its a joke because I just don't want a child to suffer out of the greed of an adult. The story also haunts me, as my maid looks after Vina and Walter while we are out, and I don't know what I will do if they were kidnapped.
My feelings go to the family, and I do hope that all will be well.

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