Friday, November 7, 2008

Joshua's Birthday

Went to my sister's house last Saturday for her son, Joshua's birthday. As usual, food was abundant.
The birthday boy cut his cake.
And this is the family of the birthday boy... my sister, Shirley, her husband Damien, Joshua and Julian, their two boys.What was interesting was that after dinner, there was a blood pressure checking session. Mine was OK at 132/90 while Doren's was high at 166/90. This went down to normal later at home.
My mum also came and had a nice time. Had a nice chat with her and my sister's mom in law even massaged my mum's legs. This was the first time Vina went to my sister's house, and was looked after by our maid, Lilis.Initially was crying a bit but then settled down and later became very friendly with all the aunties that it took longer to go home than was planned. Thanks Shirley for the dinner.

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