Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photos of the PPDK Dinner

The photos and soon, videos of the dinner is now uploaded at the PPDK Mambong website at:

It was a great night. I am happy with the hard work of the committee members, staff of the PPDKM (Rehab center), and the people of Kg Benuk. I do hope that we will make some money so that we can continue our work next year.
The dinner was different in many ways. First, there was an opening prayer by a Roman Catholic priest, very different from the norm, where its a Muslim prayer. The other, was the various hiccups, such as the computer dying out during the slide show. Third was the bravery the staff had to get, to stand on stage and talk of the rehab center. It was good to see them doing that. Fourth, as usual the VIP arrives late... and as usual its because he has a lot of functions to attend. But I am happy that he attended and got involved.

All in all... I am Happy.

Now for better things next year.

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