Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rehab Center Dinner

Went to Kg Benuk for the dinner tonight. All dressed up... and expecting to sweat a bucket... which I did. First went to the Center to collect drinks, then followed a car to the village (1st time there). As usual, no one comes on time. But the place is set up and all is good. Met Kandy Edwards The Director of Welfare for the State and had dinner, which was buffet for the crowd and a prepared dinner at the VIP table. As usual, in front and right next to the huge speakers. My ear drums... gone! Still amateurish in presentation but with all heart and soul. Photos and video will follow soon .. I left my camera with a staff to continue taking photos. I left early, after YB Jerip arrived. Just not well ... been having flu for 3 weeks now. Now cant sleep, so put this blog up and the photos/videos later. Looks like a winner dinner, so hope the coffers of the Rehab Center will be a bit better next year so that we can do more. Must thank all those that worked hard for its success.

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