Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarawak's Farmer's Day Fair

Went to the Farmers Day Fair at Stadium Perpaduan last Sunday afternoon. Just to see how things are and whether can do anything on our 4acre land. The answer, no. Apparently (according to the PELADANG guy) its too small a piece of land and the middle men want to buy a consistent supply and will not buy from such a small scale production. Oh well, guess we will just do something by ourselves later.
Doren trying out the olden days style of rice cleaning. Met also the guy who has met us and talked to us on rearing Keli in canvas. Still interested in that, except need manpower. Walked around and bought some snacks.
Went outside to see the animals. There was even a horse ride for children.Then went in and saw the usual companies and even a sole vanilla tree. Surprised to see a Unimas booth... but good, at least they are trying to promote Unimas. There was a section on fruits. Nice.
Then went and bought some dried foodstuff and by then was thirsty, hungry and tired. So bought some juice (which was more of a touch of juice, more water and sugar). My wife complained and the guy had the cheek to answer back "If you have money pay for it lah," which my wife said "If you sell juice, of course I will pay."We quickly left after drinking a bit and bought some fish burgers and ice cream.
It was a good outing, with interesting ideas. I actually do hope that PELADANG can do more than just hope for mega projects. They could actually work with small land owners into a group and develop certain types of agricultural products instead of just dismissing offhand that the plot of land is too small.
Oh well, it has never been easy for us.
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