Thursday, November 20, 2008

To Kampung 6

This old man is the only person in the village (and villages nearby) that was willing to sell a piece of land to us. And after the land was marked and agreed by all and paid for, then a family member comes up and says that the land encroaches his. There was more talk, and I told my wife, let him have whatever he wants. So we have a much smaller piece now, but at least its our.
Everyone else just didn't want to sell land to us. What was sad was to hear that they (and many were kin) would rather sell their land to others, at a lower price, and some even by installments. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to be involved at the village. But they are family, you cant choose family!
We went home to discuss the building of our house. Its just an extension of my father in law's house. The price quoted for manpower was astronomically high, that even my father in law balked. "And they are my own family," he said. We talked it over and managed to reduce the fee by only RM500. I told my wife, just do it, as we want a place of our own when we go back to the village, something that can be used for our children, we can afford it with a bit [no, a lot] of pain, and as a stake in the village tribal discussions.
Oh well, life has never been easy for me.

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